I love documentaries and Reggae so what could be better than to combine the two? Fans of the genre are lucky that there are a lot of great documentaries. This is one of the latest, made by the folks at “Jamaican Recordings”, one of the better “oldies/re-release” labels. This documentary has potential, check the trailer on youtube if you don’t believe me.

The premise is simple, to document the career of veteran producer “Bunny Lee”. It’s linear and starts of with interviews with Bunny’s brother, neighbor etc who let us know how he was as a kid and young teen, growing up in Kingston. They quickly move on to his first steps in the recording industry and we get a ton of interviews by almost all of the legends of Jamaican music. Im no stranger to Bunny Lee or his productions but i never went too deep into him and had no idea of how important he has been to Reggae. Neither did i know he was instrumental in shaping the career of many of my favorite singers.

Besides featuring just about everyone who has ever meant anything in Reggae (Johnny Clarke, Max Romeo. Prince Jazzbo etc…) i love how structured this documentary is. It jumps from point A to B and follows with C etc… That makes it very easy to follow ad to this excellent research and background knowledge and you have a very good movie. It features a few scenes here and there from older documentaries such as “Deep Roots” but doesn’t rely too heavily on old, over used stock footage of “Jamaica” from way back in the day.

Let’s talk a bit about the packaging, it’s solid and thorough with a 30+ pages booklet and CD full of Bunny Lee productions. There is also 30 minutes of deleted/extra footage. While the booklet is not be the most amazing and mostly consist of quotes from the movie it’s still nice and much welcomed. The cd is great, for those who have not heard much of the music Bunny Lee has produced it’s great to not have to buy additional products to hear his productions. For us who have, it’s still a great cd to own.

All in all this is a great movie and an must to any self respecting Jamaican music fans collection. It stands up for repeated viewings and i will soon see it again. I have no complaints and to top things of i found this brand new for $5.99 at “Ernie B’s”, would have paid twice as much and still have been happy. Quit reading and order it now.