Im back with a new review, been wanting this for forever and finally got a version that came with the dvd and booklet (there is a re-release without them so be careful when ordering). Iv’e been binging “Studio One” releases like crazy lately so it could not have came more timely. For those who don’t know, “Studio One” has been called “the Motown of Reggae” and is without a doubt the single most important record label in the history of Reggae. The number of huge artists that had their start with “Coxone Dod” is staggering and include heavyweights such as Heptones, Ethiopians, Sugar Minott, Horace Andy, Burning Spear, Alton Ellis.
Prior to making this documentary “Coxone Dod” was notorious for not granting interviews and passed away 2 years after this was recorded so we are incredibly lucky to have this. It features a ton of artists that has passed away so it’s an important document on the birth of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. It’s over 4 hours long, split in 3 parts and come with an hour of extras. It’s not for the casual fans but if youre into Jamaican music it’s pure gold.
The first part deals with the early years, the second with the 60ies and the last part deals with the period up til Coxone’s move to New York. There is of course a lot of screen time dedicated to mr.Dod himself, he shares anecdotes, takes us on a guided tour to important places in the history of the label etc. We also get parts on dj’s, “Jackie Mittoo”, “Don Drumond” etc and interviews with “King Stitt”, “Lone Ranger”, “Sugar Minott”, “Horace Andy”, studio technicians like “Sylvan Morris” etc… the list goes on… They got a lot of important persons for this documentary. Im not going to try and tell y’all the complete story of this label on here so enough about it, it’s an super, duper extra ordinary piece of work that everyone with even the slightest interest in Jamaican music has to see. Yup, it is long but I could have watched 8 hours without getting bored, what are y’all waiting for? Go out and purchase it while there is still copies available for a reasonable price.
Like I said, it comes with a booklet, 100 pages in the same size as a cd and if you take it for what it is it’s great. It features profiles on all the important artists on “Studio One” and has plenty of photos and a modern design. If I had bought it separately I may have been disappointed but it’s an excellent companion piece to the dvd and cd. It’s not the most thorough but is way better than your average cd-booklet. As far as the cd is concerned, it’s a good introduction to “Studio One” if you have never heard about the label. It features all the big names such as “The Heptones”, “Alton Ellis”, “Michigan and Smiley” and many more.
What you get is good and re-mastered to sound better than any of the original vinyl ever did but it barely touches upon the vast material of classics. No single cd could do “Studio One” justice, no matter how good the selection may be there is still a ton of essentials left out. Over all this is a super tight package shock full of important information and music where the documentary itself stands out and is the main attraction. Go and get it now, I can’t stress enough how important this documentary is.