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Reggae and Dancehall is huge in Africa, not in just a few countries but all over the continent, there’s local scenes in Gambia, Uganda, Cameroon, Zimbabwe and a bunch of other countries. It’s been said that Reggae always where African music even though it originated in Jamaica.  The sounds from the Islands have fused with local Afro-pop and given birth to a sound all of it’s own, while European countries tries to sound as Jamaican as possible African countries manage to be genuine without trying to sound Jamaican.

One of these new, exciting artists emerging from Africa is “Benzil” from Cameroon, backed by  label “E-Killin Music”.  From what I understand he’s not an new artist but he has an new E.P. out, “Legend in the making” which features 3 fresh songs. He’s been quite popular online and has even been endorsed by international stars such as “Kevin Lyttle”. I was recently approached by “E-Killin” who sent me his E.P and I have to admit I’m impressed.

You need to check him out for yourself, he got videos on youtube and we will of course play him here on “CHG 57.5”, if youre an up and coming artist, please get in touch with us, we would love to feature you here. We don’t care about if youre famous, all you need is talent.