I gotta admit, i don’t claim myself as the biggest Toots fan in the world, I do like him and his music, got some of his songs on compilations(and even his Funky Kingston album) but I’ve never been one of the huge fans. This documentary reveals that Toots have played a bigger part in my Reggae fandom than i was aware of, I’ve been enjoying more of his music than I thought. That’s the major thing this documentary did for me, making me realize how much i dig his music. I guess you could say it is loosely based on the “time-line approach” to documentaries, it kinda starts from the beginning but it’s not strictly from point A to point B to point C and so on, we get a multitude of interviews and input from folks close to Toots as well as other musicians who admire him and music industry fans in general. This is a very loving documentary and no one has one single negative word to say about him.

There’s plenty of interviews with big names such as Marcia Griffiths, Eric Clapton,Keith Richards, Ziggy Marley, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Cliff, Sly & Robbie and of course Toots Hibberts himself. There’s been talk about how a generation of classic Reggae artists are dying of so it was nice to see how healthy and young some of these folks look. Toots was in good shape, so was Jimmy Cliff and i can’t believe how Marcia Griffiths just keep looking better the older she gets. Im sure she’s in her 60ies by now but she’s still hot (in a classy way). It was kinda funny seing this guy Wayne Jobson who looks like a long lost member from Aerosmith but who speaks with a mild but obvious Jamaican accent (shows how diverse the population of Jamaica really is)

BBC certainly got it right this time around, it’s not the ultimate “single artist” music documentary (like i think “Stepping Razor” is) but there’s plenty to like about “Reggae got soul”. There’s so many legendary artists in Jamaica that deserves their own documentaries, im glad that we can cross out “Toots Hibbert” from the list. Now someone needs to do one on “Burning Spear” before it’s too late.