As some of you may have noticed the station plays a wide variety of genres, Soul, Funk, Rap but always a lot of Reggae. On the blog side though things have been pretty much “Reggae only” and it’s likely to stay that way, you will read a lil something about the other genres the station features from time to time but it will be mostly Reggae.

Why some of you may wonder? I like a lot of different music but I’m mainly a Reggae guy, that’s what I know enough to be comfortable to write about it. Yeah, I know quite a bit about rap also and for years that is all I listened to so you may find some of that also (I do however think that most rap/hiphop nowadays stink) All the other stuff, I buy occasional albums and do my best to be diverse but I don’t know a whole lot about it. For example, my opinion on soul is not very valid, I don’t know much ab out the development, important landmarks in the history etc….. I could not relate one artist to another yada, yada, yada but I know what I like once I hear it and will upload good tunes when I hear them.

Well, nuff ranting on the subject!!!!/krikon