Reggae is huge in Gambia, to the point where they call it “Little Jamaica” and folks like Mad Professor, Jah Turban etc has nothing but positive words for this small, West African country. I got friends there and visited once, I’m Swedish and lives in the US but my heart belongs to Gambia, that’s my spiritual home country.

If you visit the capitol, Banjul you will notice numerous street vendors, some will sell music but the only real, physical music store is Kerewan Sounds, they have been around for forever and if you want reggae or local music it’s your top destination. They do not offer mail order so I’m incredibly lucky to expect a Kerewan package (going through my friend), expect a heavy Gambian/Senegalese update in the future.

Other than that, I try to update with fresh music on a regular basis, you may experience a radical change in the future as I’m thinking of starting a webstore selling t-shirts and clothes with the same focus as the music I’m currently playing. Don’t worry though, the radio is not going anywhere, it’s a passion project that is totally unrelated to finances or popularity