Emeterians – The journey (Vpal)
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There is no doubt that the Spanish scene is huge and while not being totally unaware I can’t say im a great connoisseur of it. Most groups, whether being from Spain or South America performs in their native language (which I have no problem with) but these folks sings in Patois flavored English and has recorded a lot of material in the UK. This, their latest effort is produced by Peckings.

Fans of vocal trios should check them out, it’s rootsy and traditional while at the same time sounding modern and current. First up is the upbeat “Love revolution” which features awesome harmonies and singing from Sister Maryjane along with some traditional, “rub-a-dub” style toasting. It’s very catchy and positive, awesome start of the album.

First video of the album is the next track, “Music lover” (you can check the video on youtube) and is based of a re-lick of the classic Bob Marley cut “Soul rebel”, it’s another awesome tune, very organic and instrumental with strictly real instruments, it has some awesome trumpets. I like that “Sister Maryjane” get’s her proper time to shine and isn’t just relegated to background singing (it doesn’t hurt that she is incredibly pleasant to look at either).

Skip a track and we get a slightly more melancholic song (although with a very positive message), “Have faith” which once again is very organic and well played and focuses more on the male singing contributions to the group (with Maryjane doing the background singing). You get a strong “Israel Vibration” vibe (and that is a compliment) and I must say that this is one of my favorites on here. This is followed by a cover of “Y mas gaan”, a tune many groups have attempted and “Emeterians” do a better job than most to re-create a classic “Abysinians” feel. Im impressed but at the same time feel that they should maybe have attempted to update the song a bit.

Another favorite on here is “Hardest thing to say” where “Sister Maryjane” once again rise to the forefront and does a awesome job. This is roots at it’s very best, questioning why it’s so hard to say and show that we love each other. While “Emeterians” as a whole does an awesome job I must admit that Sister Maryjane” really shines on this album.

Over all I am super impressed by this album and group, they pull of a super solid album with awesome vocals, inspiring lyrics and great instrumentation to boot. It’s the first time I ever hear anything about them or by them and I realize I have to go and check out their back catalog as they have like 3 albums prior to this one. Im glad im not in the dark anymore.

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