Raging Fyah – Everlasting (Vp Records)
Categories: Music, reggae


While being one of the most musical places on earth with more talent than anywhere else Jamaica is also a poor country. A lot of people can not afford purchasing instruments, paying for tuition etc… This has lead to traditional bands not being that common in Jamaica, you have solo acts or vocal trios getting together with studio musicians (gathered by a producer) or recording over previously used “riddims”.

This makes “Raging Fyah” an welcome anomaly in the Jamaican music scene as they are all accomplished musicians who have gotten together and created original music. I got nothing against riddims, versions and all that but it’s nice with variety, a lil something different. If you ad to this that these guys are strictly conscious you get something very special.

Props to “VP Records” for signing “Raging Fyah”. All talk aside, the album starts with “Everlasting”, a militant and powerful song asking you who you’re going to call on when everything around you starts crumbling. It’s energetic, compromise-less and clearly “Raging Fyah” are not playing around, they’re all about the Roots and Jah. A perfect start of the album.

While sounding more chill and relaxed on the next song “Justice” they are not letting their guard down lyrically as they push their listeners against the wall demanding them to take a stand in the question of justice and equal rights (an question that is ever so relevant). This song reminds me of a lot of African Reggae acts like Lucky Dube etc…

Any great roots artists know that they have to let down their guard from time to time, you cant always talk politics, justice and biblical prophecy. If we skip to track 5, “Ready for love” they show us a lighter side with this saxophone flavored song, the perfect soundtrack to an beach party. It does not stay light for too long as next track is an collaboration with “Jesse Royal” (one of the more interesting acts of recent years), “Humble” which is one of the stand out songs on this album. Jesse’s singjay style fits/complements “Raging Fyah” perfectly.

When all is said and done this is an awesome album and “Raging Fyah” proves that they’re one of the more interesting acts at the moment as they manage to blend tradition with a modern and timeless sound. Reggae may be in a commercial slump but musically it’s as good as ever. An release well worth purchasing.

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