Peter Hunningale – Remove the barriers (Vibes Central)
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Im not a fan of Radio, it has potential to introduce folks to great music and artists they have not heard, yet they ruined it by just playing top-40 junk. There’s always the exception though. The first time i heard “Peter Hunningale” was on “Choice FM” in London and I immediately fell in love with his music. He has remained one of my favorite artists ever since that night in the late 90ies.

Earlier this year he released his latest album “Remove the barriers”, due a lack of distribution and PR it took me a while to even know about this album. We desperately need a magazine, in English dedicated to Reggae so the fans can stay updated. Anyways, let me end my rant and start the review.

For those who do not know, Peter Hunningale is Englands unofficial king of “Lovers rock” so do not expect no hardcore Roots vibes or rowdy Ragga. This is smooth and chill feel-good music of the highest quality. First song is “Would do for love” and it sounds exactly the way I want it to sound. Needless to say, ithe song is silky smooth and dripping with honey. Peter Hunningale has got the formula down and does not have to re-invent the wheel for every release. I would be upset if he tried to.
He continues with “Who is he” a song about relationships in shambles and unfaithfulness, it’s just as easy on the ears as the first song and a pleasure to listen to. Don’t think that Peter Hunningale is all about love and nothing else though, all good artists need some variety and there is a couple of conscious tunes on here such as “Babylon chains”, “Roots garden” or “Zimbabwe”. It’s an cover of the old Bob Marley tune and kinda surprising. It’s a great rendition but different from what you would expect. It’s not exactly gritty but neither quite as smooth as many other Peter Hunningale songs.

This is a great album, i expected nothing else. You get plenty of smooth lovers tunes, the kind us fans have come to expect along with a few (slightly) rooster cuts showcasing PEter Hunninglaes versatility. But why is it so hard to find and why hasn’t any websites picked up on this album? It’s well worthy to get.

Listen to it on Spotify here