It’s been a long time since I wrote anything or updated the blog, I have been busy with other things and to be honest a little bit unmotivated to write anything since I cant seem to get folks to visit the blog.

I was contacted by the great folks at the French fanzine “I-Leaf” to contribute to their latest “Bob Marley” themed issue. For those who don’t know, they illustrate Reggae songs and I did a 2 page interpretation of B.Marley’s “Africa unite”, the fanzine was just recently released and I’m very proud to have contributed. I’m not used to draw comics and it was hard work to say the least. Look them up on Facebook

I have also finally kicked of my line of Reggae related t-shirts and I’m very happy about how they turned out. Unfortunately they have been a complete disaster as far as sales go. I don’t know if folks who listen to Reggae are not interested in t-shirts. Once my fruitless efforts on Ebay are over the shirts will still be available on

Well, enough for now. I’ll try to come with a real update soon.