Dan Corn – Remember
Categories: Music, reggae

If you have followed this blog you know I’m originally from Sweden and if you checked the documentary I subtitled and posted on the blog you know that there is a Swedish Reggae scene (one that goes back to the 70ies), it may not be big but it exists and seem to be growing stronger for every day.

I keep myself updated on Swedish Reggae but “Dan Corn” is someone i have never heard of until now. His online bio says he has strong ties to the soundsystem scene and as much as i love this music i where never big on soundsystems. There where none where i grew up and i hate having my music interrupted by laser samples and alarm sounds.

Anyways (apart from a bunch of single tunes) this E.P is his first release and a very competent one. To my knowledge it’s unf. only available digitally but it is well worth checking out. It’s in English and his voice reminds me of artists like “Luciano” or “Bushman”. It’s 5 songs long and strictly conscious. You can find him on both YouTube and Spotify, go check him out now.