About me and this blog

About the station
We here at CHG 57.5 believe that today’s music scene has become stagnant and boring, the passion, knowledge and patience is gone. Artists are more focused on chasing profits than crating good music and radio stations more interested in selling ad space than digging up new, fresh and exciting music.

With internet and new technology being made available it’s easier and cheaper than ever to start an online radio station. There is a multitude of online stations out there but quantity doesn’t always equal quality and it’s our belief that many stations are lacking passion and depth.

Sure, you can upload a handful songs and go online with a fancy mission statement, claiming you’re the best and the future of streaming radio. But how many of these stations are fueled by an genuine love for music, how many of the owners of them spend day and night consuming and looking for music?

At CHG 57.5 we live, breathe, eat and sleep music, I dare to say that we are good at it, better than most and our playlist consists of thousands of songs from both underground and well known artists. You will not always find the newest music here but I dare to make the promise that the mix you will hear here is truly unique and exciting. I dare you to go and explore it yourself.

What do we play?
We play Afro, Hip-hop, Rap, Soul, Funk, R&B etc but most of all Reggae. We are partial to stuff we like ourselves, no doubt but tries to have an wide variety and cover all sub-genres. As time go by there will be more and more of an selection, maybe even special shows dedicated to certain genres. While the genres we play where originated by black persons it’s our belief that music knows no boundaries such as race, nationality or religion. You don’t have to be of a certain race to listen to or perform a certain genre of music.

More than just radio
Don’t think that it stops with just radio though, if you navigate the site you will find carefully curated youtube links, music videos, reviews, advises and much more. Like I said, we are truly passionate about what we do here and constantly think of new ways to ad more value to the site. If there is anything you think is missing or can be done better, don’t hesitate to get with us and make suggestions. We thrive on constructive and mature criticism here, whether its good or bad.

Buying ad space/ collaborate etc….
While we here at “CHG 57.5” are no sell-out’s and the motivation behind the station is passion not money we are always willing to sell some ad-space on either the station or here on the site. Right now the station is in it’s infancy and there are no rates set or rules formulated. This means huge benefits for any advertiser, while you may not reach a billion or trillion targets you can get cheaper ads here than you ever thought was possible. We discuss every ad request on an individual basis and are very reasonable.

Also, we are very interested in collaborating with any individual, company or organization we think may benefit us and the station/site, it may be an interview or an artist recording an promotional jingle for us where we both get exposure or nice freebies sent to us in return for something you feel would benefit your cause/business goal.

Keep in mind though that we are not willing to compromise any station or site content, any requests such as “We would like to advertise but we do not like this or that on your page or station can u remove or change it?” will be met with a huge; “NO WAY!!!!”

So, you like what you see and would like to contribute by writing for the blog, have your own show on the station etc? Please get in touch with us, we are very interested and flattered that you want to be a part of what we are doing. Keep in mind though, this is a passion project, at this point in time we are most likely not making any money out of the page and can not pay you for what you contribute. You will of course get credit for what you do though, we would never take the material you produce and pass it of as something we created.

memeAbout the founder….
Folks call me Krikon, a Swedish guy living in USA. Roswell, NM to be more precise. I guess I’m a bit eccentric, into culture such as art, design, movies and last but not least music. Where born many moons ago in a far, far away 1976 but will always remain young in heart. My dad, a major Jazz fan thought it was a good idea to try and introduce Jazz through rap and sat me down to watch a concert with Jazzmataz, Public Enemy etc…..

I think this was in 6th grade and it blew my mind, I became a diehard Rap/Hip-hop fan. Two years later, in school (8th grade) we had folks who came and warned us about the perils and pitfalls of drugs and that we should stay away from dangerous drug liberals like “Bob Marley”. I had never been into Reggae but went out the very same day and got a Bob Marley vinyl. I did become a junkie, a music junkie and I get nervous and irritated if I can’t get my monthly vinyl fixes 😀

I’m sure I could go on and write word after word about myself, my life story and everything I like, dislike etc….. I think that’s a bit redundant though, if you ever need to know more than this about me you will find out as you get to know me in person. Go on and explore the site, hope you enjoy it./Krikon