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As you know we are hardcore music nerds here at “CHG 57.5”, just listening to good music is not enough. We want to know more about the artists, the development of genres, social implications and much more. There is a wealth of documentaries on music and with “YouTube” being as big as it is you can watch a lot of these for free, streaming str8 to your computer without having to spend money, wait for physical media to arrive in the mail etc…. We have been kind enough to “cherry pick” the very best and most interesting¬†of the many documentaries and conveniently categorized them, for your viewing pleasure.

Many of these documentaries are available  to purchase from different online vendors in case you should want your own copy, also keep in mind that not all documentaries worth watching is available for free streaming. There is a few that you will have to purchase, watch the review section for further info on these titles.

Hip-Hop Rap documentaries
Reggae documentaries